The members of the Standing Committee are Parties representing an unique blend of International leading university and industry advisors. The charter of this standing committee is to monitor and guide Nanto Protective Coating technical activities.

The Committee provides the thoughtful consideration, insight and technological investigation required to keep Nanto Protective Coating’s infrastructure at the forefront of technology. Members of the standing committees possess diverse expertise including nanotechnology, corrosion protection, advanced materials, fire retardant composites and paints and coatings industry.

At present the Committee is composed by the following members:

  • Prof Samuel Kenig. President of the Committee. Dean of Engineering Faculty in Shenkar College for Engeneering and Design, Ramat Gan (Israel). Fellow member of the Society of Plastics Engineers and of the Israel Polymers and Plastics Society. Nanostructured polymers expert.
  • Prof Hanna Dodiuk. Full Professor in Shenkar College for Engeneering and Design, Ramat Gan. She has a long experience in the development of innovative polymers and plastics containing nanoparticles.
  • Prof Flavio Deflorian. Associate Professor - Department of Materials Engineering, University of Trento. Expert of chemistry and technology for environmental protection and anticorrosion.
  • Dr Ennio Capria. PhD in Advanced Materials from the University of Cranfield. R&D project manager for several nanotechnology based companies. Nanotoxicology expert.
  • Prof Vittoria Vittoria. Full Professor of Chemistry for Technology at the Engineering Faculty of Salerno University. She is an expert of polymeric materials.