Nanto Paint®'s mission is to become a world benchmark in the protective coating market replacing conventional coating with new sustainable, innovative and cost effective smart coatings with very high corrosion and abrasion resistance, chemical and heat endurance, remarkable scratch and easy cleaning properties.

Distinctiveness is the watchword of Nanto Paint®: it gives personalized solutions to a broad array of industrial market applications (Oil&Gas, Marine, High-Value Infrastructure, General Industry, Cleantech, Yachting): it delivers reliable multifunctional coatings and polymers to protect assets durability and to contribute in a competitive, meaningful and environmentally friendly fashion to the development of effective preventative maintenance programs. 

The gap between technological breakthroughs and industrial applications is filled through tailored solutions capable to add value over time by delivering durable, cost-effective and competitive solutions for a long term customers’ economical benefits.

Nanto Paint®’s portfolio products is the successful industrial results after several years of CAPEX investments in research, development and IP.


Nanto Paint®’s goal, as a premier in the coating industry, is carrying on and maintaining its uncompromising principles, while it is growing. The following main principles guides the way of doing business:

• Provide high performance industrial functional coatings applying the highest standard of excellence to the quality of the products;

• Embrace passion to design and develop new products as an essential component in the way of doing business;

• Develop long term satisfied relationships with customers, considering clients’ feedback as a unique opportunity to grow;

• Recognize that, profitability is essential to our future to develop and improve new multifunctional coating systems;

• Contribute positively to environment.