Our aim is to transform our customers' unmet needs into technology, solutions and products.

The main unmet needs, repeatedly stressed by our customers, refer to environmentally friendly, cost effective and durable products.

The technology, provided by our parent company Nanto Cleantech, exploits the nanoclays, an inert material that doesn't release hazardous elements in the environment. The presence of nanoclays allows also using a thinner layer of coating, which generates significant cost savings. Furthermore the nanoclays provide a superior durability (up to 300%) for our customers' assets compared to the traditional industrial coatings.

The solutions we offer aim to take care of our customer during the whole process, from the moment of choice of most appropriate coating until the field service at time of application.

Our products, especially designed to protect our customers' assets, are just the result. Nanto Paint® products aim to be a point of reference in the fast growing market of the smart coatings. Other features that distinguish our coatings from the others are aesthetic, easy to maintain, sustainable and resistant.

All Nanto Paint®’s products are ASTM and UNI-ISO compliant.