Anticorrosive coatings

NPC 5000 series

General Industry | transportation

This particular series is especially developed for the general equipment that can be found in the production facilities, manufacturing plants and not only. The flexible formulation satisfies all the requirements coming from OEMs, transportation, agricultural and heavy-duty machineries. Epoxies together with polyurethanes and acrylics are part of the complete solution that we can offer, able to meet all kind of customers’ requirements. Because of the applications variety, the NPC 5000 is easily applicable to all the kind of surfaces, and so the RALs are fully customizable.
All the ordinary RAL colors are available. Special colorings can be supplied on request.

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NPC 6000 series

high value infrastructures | power generation

Where the aesthetic aspect can’t be omitted, is necessary to find a reliable product able to satisfy this requirement together with an anticorrosive effect, NPC 6000 is the perfect combination whenever this challenge is applied to the high value infrastructures: bridges, buildings, general constructions, chemical and mining plants. Polyurethane and acrylic finishing offer high protection against the UV light that can help in preserve the original aesthetic quality of the first coat.

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NPC 7000 series


The marine environment is quite a hard challenge but thanks to the experienced team of corrosion specialists, we designed the NPC 7000 series, the one oriented to all the applications close to and under the sea. Our line of primers and intermediate epoxies gives an added value to the specific systems for severely corrosive environments; the modified nanotechnology development permits to maximize the barrier effect. As per EN ISO 12944 Jetties, vessels, barges and tugboats (underwater, splash and topside) are C5M-High certified.

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NPC 9000 series


NPC 9000 storage tanks series, together with the NPC 10000 for pipelines, is one of Nanto Paint cornerstones. Specific Epoxy primers and finishing, with very a high performances and UV resistance, are what our experts advice for the application on floating roofs. The combination of Epoxy Primers/Intermediates with a Polyurethane topcoat is the system recommended for fixed roofs and shells. The products for internal lining are suitable for almost all the substances: gas, crude oil, jet fuel, salty, potable and wastewater, where temperature resistance feature is also available. The whole series ranges from the C3 to up to the C5M-High compliant system.

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NPC 10000 series


The consequent evolution of the studies made on the NPC 9000 storage tanks series bring a new coating solution which inhibit the corrosion with a high performance internal lining that dramatically improves speed and volume of the throughput. Product range comprehends external application systems for buried and unburied pipelines together with internal lining for crude oil, jet fuel, water and all the types of chemical substances. Specific three-layers systems based on polyethylene, applied as an external coating with the O-ring and side band method, are part of our comprehensive offer.

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NPC 11000 series

Oil&Gas | power generation

This series has been developed to guarantee the most reliable protection for the offshore installations: fixed platforms, FPU, mobile rigs. From the underwater zones up to the topside and the interiors, NPC 11000 offers the most advanced technology coatings for a correct project completion. All the finishing systems range from the epoxy high solid, if the cosmetic appearance is of less importance, to glossy polyurethanes where a complete range of RALs is available. The technology inside the NPC 11000 is at its best and offers a complete corrosion inhibition with a medium-low level of maintenance.

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