According to NACE, the cost of corrosion in the shipping industry amounts at 50-80 billion USD only in the North America. Marine environment represents one of the most severe environments and corrosion is the result of the action of salt water, moisture, UV-light, high temperatures and oxygen. Notably, salt water is a powerful electrolyte, able to corrode virtually any material.

In the marine merchandise shipping industry as well as for passenger transportation, high levels of salinity and humidity greatly accelerate failure on vessels and on other marine equipment, thus resulting in loss of capital and resources . Another criticality is the impact on the security of people and of the environment deriving from the failure of passenger ships to the oil barrel spills, in fact considering that the majority of ships are built up using mild steel and corrosion of uncoated steel can proceed up to 2 mm per year, the choice of state of the art anticorrosion coating systems is of utmost importance.

Nanto Paint® has developed technically superior marine coatings suitable for a variety of applications related to deep sea and costal shipping (cargo tanks and holds, vessel external and internal decks, vessel topsides, external hulls and holds) port infrastructures (fixed and floating structures, marine cranes) and inland waterway shipping (barges). Our products ensure an exceptional protection against corrosion, outstanding durability and anti-scratch features, thanks to the unique innovative technology included into Nanto Paint® formulations.

Nanto Paint® coatings are ultimate products that allow both to reduce maintenance costs and to increase health and safety of people and environment. In addition, Nanto Paint marine coatings are easy to apply even in harshest conditions and due to their remarkable adhesion properties are optimal for maintenance works as well as for new building.

Nanto Paint® is continuously committed to meet customer's needs. Nanto Paint® experts have an outstanding expertise in tailoring Nanto Paint® products to specific applications, "ad-hoc" efficient corrosion preventative systems, able to work in harsh and severe environments.


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