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Nanto Paint ® Yacht is the unique brand that combines a patented clean technology with an outstanding eye catching glossy finishing. Performance and sustainability are the core keys adapted in order to establish a new concept for the Yacht industry; a new revolutionary paint is now on the market.

Hi-qualified experts revisited known issues and concepts that combined with the Nanto Cleantech ® know-how, brought a new dedicated series: the NPC 8000, where the particularity is at the core of the used technology. As per Nanto Paint policy, all the products are Zinc-free, with particular attention for the Yacht where the breakthrough technology substitutes the old and non-sustainable heavy metal components.

The NPC 8000 series is C5 M-High certified according to the EN ISO 12944, our commitment is to make these performances available to everyone, Nanto Paint ® offers cost-effective solutions that can protect assets and reduce the VOC emissions thanks to the reduced coating thickness and an excellent consumption.

The whole series is composed of high build Epoxy primers and intermediates, glossy acrylic topcoats able to withstand mechanical stresses, as the ones deriving from docking and mooring. Thanks to the application at the state of the art we have developed coating systems that eventually exceed client expectations and ensure superb protection against weathering and marine corrosion, UV-light, moisture and scratches in any range of temperature and sea.

NPC 8000 is the array of coating solutions with optimal adhesion properties on aluminum, steel, fiberglass and composite yachts, capable of both protecting the substrates and to give a mirror finish effect.

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