Introduction to Technology - Tech Info (nanoparticles)

Nanotechnology is considered one of the key driving forces of innovation.

It is referred to the manufacturing and exploitation of particles with less than 100 nanometers in at least one dimension. The introduction of nanoparticles, instead of larger fillers, into coating formulations enables maximization of the interfacial properties (700m2/g).

Thus, the interfacial material becomes a major portion of the coating, ensuring the possibility to influence the properties of the resulting coating composite at the molecular level even when added at very low percentages.

Nanto Paint® proprietary technology is based on nanoparticles specially functionalised, which have undergone to different surface modification processes to increase compatibility and bring new features into the bulk of coating matrix.

The final functionalized nanoparticles are uniformly exfoliated and introduced in very small amounts into coating formulation, providing a composite coating with enhanced and superior properties (impermeability, abrasion resistance, hydrophobicity, thermal control properties, chemical resistance, scratch and UV resistance).

The video below shows the difference between Nanto Paint®'s coatings and traditional coatings.