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Nanto Paint NPC 9000 series approved by the major Mediterranean oil marine terminal

Nanto Paint has recently enriched its product range with NPC 9000, the new series of nanotechnology based protective coatings specifically designed for the storage tanks’ interior, exterior and floating roofs in order to withstand the elements, temperature cycling, chemicals and UV rays.

NPC 9000, as well as the entire Nanto Paint range, delivers a superior performance in term of durability, while generating a minor environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Just after the launch the oil marine terminal located in the Mediterranean, has shown interest in the new technology and decided to replace its traditional coating system, with the new Nanto Paint NPC 9000 series.

The customer is a partner of the major companies in the Oil&Gas industry such as Shell, Exxon, OMV, Total, Ruhr Oel, Eni, British Petroleum and ConocoPhillips and manages the Transalpine Pipeline, the 750 km long underground pipes that carries crude oil from Italy to Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The customer facilities have a capacity of more than 2.000.000 cubic meters while the pipeline has a capacity of more than 43 million tons crude oil per year.

The system applied for the maintenance of the storage tanks includes NPC 9001, the epoxy bi-component surface tolerant primer especially recommended for maintenance work and NPC 9002 Aluminium, the epoxy finishing with aluminum powder content with enhanced barrier properties against ponding, UV rays and a wide range of chemicals, in case of spills.

During the works, Nanto Paintprovided on-site technical assistance together with NACE certified inspectorate. The final result has been judged outstanding by the customer, who choosed Nanto Paint for the in depth knowledge of the industry and the high certified system awarded both by NACE in 2012 and by the World Petroleum Council in 2014. The customer approval for the Nanto Paint system has been granted for its good consumption and long lasting performance.

The CEO of Nanto Paint declares, “It was a real pleasure working with one of the leader of the oil marine  terminal in Europe and what makes me even more pleased is to know about the customer satisfaction, which is key for us. The openness, the experience and the kindness of the management together with the scale of the job have been ideal conditions for applying our new NPC 9000 series, especially designed for delivering high performances in a cleantech and sustainable way. We hope that this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration.”

Nanto Paint 9000 series ensures, thanks to its nanotechnology based formulation, a long lasting anticorrosion effect, up to three times more than not-functionalized coatings, a superior adhesion (+50%) and an hydrophobic and oleophobic action (+30%).