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Partner of ongoing Nanoleap project


Nanto Protective Coating Srl takes part of the ongoing NANOLEAP project, under the Horizon 2020 Programme. Nanoleap aims at the development of a coordinated network of specialized pilot lines for the production of nanocomposite based products for different civil infrastructure and building applications.

For the creation of the network, ten pilot plants dealing with the most promising applications of polymeric nanocomposites in the construction and engineering sector have been selected. This project will support these pilot lines for the scaling up and production of these nanocomposite based products in order to facilitate their further adoption by the entire construction chain.

In order to implement and demonstrate this approach, Nanoleap project brings together a European Network of pilot production facilities focused on scaling up nanocomposite synthesis and processing methods.

Nanto participates to the project with its smart materials and outstanding technologies. The company aims to strengthen the process of product innovation, developing new families of smart products and technologies designed to meet main industry drivers:

• Constantly increasing requirements on performance: the nanotechnology developed and applied by Nanto products assure high performance compared to existing products on the market

• Rising cost awareness: Nanto nanotechnology have a positive impact on costs   and allows reduced product consumption

• Increasing environmental attention related to the reduction of hazardous materials: Nanto develops and provides environmental friendly nanoclays and water based paints.

Particularly, Nanto is developing advanced materials and smart coating for wind turbines. The key drivers are antiabrasion and antiice for long-lasting performance of the wind turbine.