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Nanto at 6th Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium in Milan

Nanto is proud to announce that has been invited at the 6th Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium (NCEM-6), that is held in Milan in March 8th-9th, to give a company presentation.

This meeting is hosted by the Prysmian Group, one of the leading cable manufacturing companies and one of the newest members of the consortium.

The NCEM consortium is put forward by the Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI in Cambridge, in order to provide to consortium members a unique opportunity to a deep understanding of carbon nanotechnologies and its considerable potentials for new commercialization challenges. Commercialization of carbon nanotechnologies has the potential to drive innovation and competitive advantage in many manufacturing sectors such as energy, automotive, aerospace, construction electronics and biotechnology.

The NCEM consortium is a private consortium led by Dr Bojan Boskovic, CEO of Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology, with members and delegates coming from leading companies and universities.

Members from the past five years have been: University of Cambridge (UK); Nokia Research Centre (UK); ST Microelectronics (Italy);  Bosch (Germany); Thales (UK), Henkel (Germany), Codelco (Chile), National Grid (UK), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Arup (UK), Statnett (Norway), Schneider Electric (France), LML Products Ltd (UK), Nexans (France). RTE (France), GE Global Research (USA), Bose Corporation (USA), and International Copper Association (USA).

NCEM consortium has entered its sixth year (NCEM-6) with members coming from Airbus Group (UK), Rolls Royce (UK), Whirlpool Corporation (USA), ArcelorMittal (Spain), NISSAN (Russia), Tecnalia (Spain) Johnson Matthey (UK) and Prysmian Group (Italy).

The NCEM consortium meets together 5 times per year, usually at one of its members’ sites or hosted at a leading research institution. World class experts are invited to join and participate at the specific meetings related to their field of expertise.

In this context, Nanto has been invited to present the company and its activities. The presentation is scheduled for today, March 9th at 2:30 pm and will be given by Prof. Massimo Merlino, President of Nanto Cleantech Inc Advisory Board and President of the Italian affiliate Nanto Protective Coating Srl Italy. Prof. Merlino will introduce Nanto, its technologies and patent portfolio, products and relative applications, with a focus on anti-ice, reduced friction and fire-retardant coatings.

About Nanto Paint:

Nanto Paint® is the unique brand the combines traditional coatings with the finest cutting-edge nanotechnology. Nanto Paint® products for anticorrosion, antifouling, fire retardancy and antistick applications are innovative, as they are based on a patented proprietary nanotechnology.

The technology inside not only enhances barrier to corrosion, fire and ice, but also allows a reduction of hazardous materials, making them an environmentally friendly solution for many industrial sectors such as automotive, construction, marine, energy, and oil&gas.