The transportation industry includes motor vehicles such as heavier and light trucks, railway cars, rail engines and trains where abrasion resistance and aesthetic properties are very important. Corrosion in the transportation industry depends on on their final uses (e.g. public transportation, hazardous material transportation etc) and on the different weather conditions (e.g. deicers used in winter able to accelerate corrosion, marine environments, pollution etc.)

The prevention is critical to public transportation, being directly interrelated to safety issues. Therefore, the adoption of innovative technological means to provide protection from corrosion is critical to increase both service life and safety so as to ensure overall considerable savings.

The unique formulation of NP coatings provides a superior and effective solution to the problems arised in the transportation sector.
NPC 5000 withstand even the toughest outdoor weather conditions, behaving as long term protection shields, efficiently preventing corrosion, therefore increasing the overall durability and the aesthetic of vehicles and decreasing the repair and substitution costs.