Products Series S

Our products of series S have been developed to protect steel structures from fire. The nanotechnology itself increases the resistance up to 30%. Our team of experts has designed coatings for all the industrial and civic application and for every different corrosive environment.

NPC S01 One component solvent based intumescent coating. Developed as high performance durable intumescent coating for steel substrates, very good adhesion on wood, fiberboard and concrete. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, offers a very high fire protection to the substrates.

NPC S02 Two component epoxy intumescent coating, specially developed as fire retardant coating for a large range of surfaces: steel, wood, aluminum, concrete and plastic materials. NPC S02 offers a good combination of excellent intumescence and fire protection with good duration and high resistance to abrasion and chemical attacks. Suitable for interior and exterior use.