Products Series W

Series W provides an active protection against flames spreading in wood structures, the added nanotechnology doesn’t compromise the aesthetic, it combines indeed elegant features without omitting the safety requirements. 

NPC W01 Single component water-borne intumescent coating. Designed to be used as a high performance intumescent system on wood, fiberboard, concrete and related substrates. Offers a combination of excellent intumescence, Class 1 surface spread of flame and low smoke emission. Excellent for interior use, very good adhesion to correctly prepared surfaces..

NPC W02 One component water-borne colorless intumescent coating. Suitable to be overpainted with NPC W02 TC, developed to offer high performance intumescent protection to wood substrates.

NPC W02TC Single component water based fire retardant coating. Suitable as high performance colorless top coat, combines very good aesthetic behavior with very high intumescent performances, if used in combination with NPC W02. Suitable to be applied on doors, panels, walls, floors and on a large type of interior structures and accessories.